About Employ/Ease

As an employee leasing company, we hire you and all of your current employees on a contractual basis. We then become the administrative employer, handling all payroll administration, payroll taxes, workers's compensation, unemployment insurance, employee benifits, and human resources. As the supervising employer, you continue to control daily operations of the business including wage and schedule matters, but leave the administrative duties to us. Your are not the only one who benifits from this. As leased employees, your workers will enjoy the same seniority and security as before, but with a BIG COMPANY benifit package and human resources department to assist them. The sole objective of Employ/Ease is to enable your company to be more productive, competitive and profitable by reducing a lot of your time spent on administrative and employee functions.

396 East St George Blvd. 84770
St George, UT
Phone: 435-674-0478